Closed License

License for data with limited access rights

This license specifies the terms and conditions of the data usage from database for users who do not want to share their data with others. Data is hidden and does not appear on the map.

Selecting this license restricts the visibility of data for other users of the database. Entered data will be visible only to the author of the observation, to the taxonomic experts who verify the findings and to the website administrators. Data under this license will not be shown on the taxon distribution maps, and other users will not be able to export this kind of data from the database.

By selecting this license authors retain all rights to the data they entered. administrators and taxonomic experts reserve the right to use data entered under this license in order to produce the documents of national importance, for nature conservation (Red Book, Red List, revision of legislature, defining borders of the protected areas etc.), as well as for statistical data processing (e.g. protection and conservation of the species and their habitats) but without publicly releasing the exact location of the original data. In scientific publications, this data could only be used in summary form, without details about original record. In the case that the location of the original data, which is recorded under this license, is required for publishing, Administrators of and taxonomic experts must do so with the consent of the authors.

Due to the limitations in verification of the data uploaded under this license and the inability of detailed data display, team does not recommend choosing this license!